Children's Library

About the Children's Library at The Dalles

The John and Jean Thomas Children’s Wing, built in 2016, was made possible by a donation from John and Jean Thomas. This space is dedicated to promoting early literacy through reading and play. Play is central to children’s learning and development and helps: build confidence, understand more about how the world works, develop social skills and language, and develop physical skills. There are many ways to play and learn in the Children’s Library. 

Mind Splash wall at The Dalles Children's Room

The Mind Splash

With this fun interactive wall installation, fabric scarves are propelled through pneumatic tubes before exiting high overhead and slowly floating to the ground. Simply turn a diverter to see which direction the scarves will travel.

Activity Wall at The Dalles Library Children's Room

Activity Wall

There are lots of ways to interact with our activity walls. There are interactive areas throughout the Children’s Room to engage curious minds. From sensory play, to Lego building, and more.

AWE Computer Stations at The Dalles Library Children's Room

AWE Stations

The AWE Station offers children a safe, standalone computer not connected to the Internet that is age-appropriate, engaging, and academically relevant for children. It helps make learning exciting and engaging.

Book Fort at The Dalles Library Children's Room

Book Fort

The Book Fort is a great place to play or read. With lots of snuggly stuffed animals to join you, reading can feel like a true adventure.

Giant Lite Brite at The Dalles Library Children's Room

Giant Lite Brite

Get creative with our giant Lite Brite. Make designs, spell out words, or just enjoy the colorful light. Simply insert the large colorful pins into the backlight grid, and the light will do the rest.

Play area at The Dalles Library Children's Room

Play Area

There are so many opportunities for playing in our Play area. From a light table, to a play kitchen, trucks, and even magnetic building blocks, there is something for every age to enjoy.

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