Meeting Room Policy

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The library offers meeting room space to the public for educational, cultural, civic and recreational purposes. Meetings and programs held in the meeting room must be free, open and of potential interest to the general public.

The library has adopted as official policy the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, which states that “Libraries which maintain meeting spaces, exhibit spaces or other facilities open to the public should make them available on equal terms to all persons, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.” All groups using the library must abide by the library’s commitment to a safe space, inclusion, equity, etc. When the library reasonably believes the purpose of the booking is likely to promote, or would have the effect of promoting discrimination, contempt, or hatred of any group, access to the meeting room can be prohibited.

The fact that an organization is permitted to meet at the library does not constitute an endorsement of the organization’s beliefs by the library, its staff, its advisory board, or the Wasco County Court.

Meeting Room Use Rules

  1. Reservations for using the room may be made either by telephone or at the circulation desk and include the name of the group, time period desired, and the name and telephone number of the person responsible.
  2. Use of the meeting room is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Library programs and sponsored events have priority in the use of the meeting room space. The library reserves the right to reschedule confirmed meeting room reservations, with two weeks notice, to accommodate library sponsored programs and events.
  3. The meeting room is not available on days that the library is closed. Use of the meeting room by any group on Saturday during library hours is usually limited to one meeting per month to enable the library to schedule library programs.
  4. All meetings must be open to the public.
  5. No admission fee may be charged or solicited. No donations of money or other property may be solicited or collected from the audience. No promotions or sales of services, products, merchandise, materials or other items are allowed.
  6. Sales of services, products, merchandise, materials or items, or solicitations for donations authorized pursuant to a library-sponsored program or event, or on behalf of the Friends of the Library or the Library Foundation, are permitted.
  7. Although commercial use of the meeting room is generally not permitted, a commercial entity or practitioner may use the meeting room to provide an educational program open to the general public related to his or her field of expertise. 
  8. In publicizing a meeting to be held in the library meeting room, the sponsoring group must be clearly identified. Groups must not imply library sponsorship of their program or organization in their publicity.
  9. In the event that a meeting is scheduled to begin before the library opens or after the library closes, the key to the room must be obtained in advance during regular library hours. After the meeting the key should be placed in the library book drop or returned to the circulation desk.
  10. Tables, chairs and kitchen facilities are available in the room. Media equipment may be reserved at the circulation desk for use in the room. Groups are responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs, cleaning up after the meeting, and returning media equipment to the circulation desk. The room should be left in the same condition as found with the doors locked and lights turned off.
  11. Groups using the meeting room are asked to park in the upper parking lot east of the library.
  12. The Fire Marshall has limited the use of the room to 45 occupants. Each group is responsible for ensuring that attendance at its meeting does not exceed the maximum occupancy.
  13. Smoking in the room is not permitted.
  14. The library is not responsible for theft of or damage to property brought into the meeting room.
  15. Any group that damages library property will be liable for costs incurred in connection with such damage and may lose the privilege of using the room in the future.

ADOPTED by the Wasco County Library Service District Board of Directors